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Business Law

Starting a new business is exciting. Every business owner sets off with high expectations. Everyone has a plan when starting a business, whether it be a rudimentary one or a well thought out mission. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners don’t consider the legal consequences that accompany starting a new business. Is a corporation the way to go, or should you be an LLC? What’s the difference anyway? What kind of tax election is appropriate? How do I file Articles of Incorporation/Organization? What are payroll taxes? These are things that must be considered from the outset because they have a huge impact on how your business is to operate through the coming years and how and which types of taxes you will pay. If you are starting a new business, take the time to sit down with an attorney at Rogers & Russell and discuss how to start your business right.

Maybe you’ve been operating for years and now have legal troubles. The taxing authorities might be after you. You may have a contract dispute or maybe you just want to add a new partner to the company. Let us counsel you on whatever issues you might be facing as a business owner.

The attorneys at Rogers & Russell counsel business is many legal issues they run into. Sometimes it’s nice to have trusted legal advisor available any time to discuss legal issues that arise for your business.

Whether you are chasing the American dream by starting your own new business, or are a current business owner facing a legal question, the attorneys at Rogers & Russell have experience working with small businesses, large businesses, and every size business in between. Call us to discuss any legal matter that your business might be facing.